Reading DiscoverU

This is how I add synchronicity to my life.

I relax on the couch in my study and tune in to DiscoverU, my own company. I am curious about what I will hear spontaneously. I also have a number of questions as I am engaged in an important change in my way of working; inside out; from head to heart and intuition.

By doing a reading, I can draw from universal wisdom from the connection with The Field and gain effortless insight into what I have to do (and what not).

A (company) reading is a very simple way to gain insight into specific themes and questions and what is essentially going on in a company, team or person. It makes crystal clear what’s happening, especially, what are the unspoken dynamics and what’s the untapped inspiration and potential. And, just as important, what you can do very practically and concretely to put this inspiration and potential, into practice daily.

For example, a reading provides advice for more synchronicity in your work and your life. And today I apply it for the changes in my own company.


Power phrases and important themes

Once I have tuned in, I ask what I can do to facilitate the changes that I am going through. And immediately, the information intuitively begins to flow effortlessly.

For example, I get to hear “power phrases”, whose frequency connect me more strongly with my self-confidence and I feel this power increasing within myself. And I also get points of attention, which are mainly about creating peace for myself, so that I get out of my head and hard work. In the resulting peace and comfort, I can connect with who I naturally am and my own wisdom. I also get a beautiful picture of a large field full of sunflowers, which represent the products of DiscoverU. People come from far and wide to enjoy the flowers, when I stop my “hard work”. I am allowed to “put my head above ground level” and “show myself” in all relaxation. Along with the image, I also feel that relaxation and joy going through me.


That also works!

What a valuable experience and insight… that is how I can “work”. I put this word in quotation marks on purpose because it feels so effortless that you can’t really call it work. It feels a lot better than my old familiar ways of setting my sights on ambitious goals with great willpower and wanting to do everything very well. Pfff…. I clearly feel how much energy that costs and how much energy working from this relaxation and confidence gives me.

After about half an hour, I close the reading, charged and full of inspiration, energy and new experiences. I make several notes about applying the ideas that I got from the guidelines that I have been given. By putting them into practice (for example by writing this blog), the energy of my company can continue to move and flow.

How wonderful is this new way of working and so valuable that I can put it into practice for more relaxation and synchronicity every day!

Would you like more insight into essential matters for your company, team or yourself, would you like to learn how to do readings yourself or do you have questions regarding this blog. Let me know via!

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