Director: Hit the road again!

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Hey beautiful life explorer,

Do you also want to go for the green wave in your life? No more red traffic lights, detours, and traffic jams? Join us now for the start of this joyful personal discovery journey; The Director.

During this director, we’re going to cycle (aka live), gently and optimally making use of our inner navigation.

You’ll be supported in 3 very practical and simple stages to hit the road to your Self. 

  1. During the premiere, The Takeoff, you’ll be handed your personal bicycle key that you need to start cycling smoothly. And you’ll start doing so straight away, guided by your inner navigation. gaining new wonderful experiences and eye-opening insights.
  2. In the 2nd stage, The Refreshment, you’ll share these experiences, learn from your fellow cyclists and dive deeper into the joy of cycling, gaining insight in how you navigate your unique route and how to ride with your flow and synchronicities.
  3. Finally, in the 3rd stage, The Follow-up, you’ll be celebrating your joy and successes and empowering your cycling skills, so that you can make every day a new powerful and joyful ride of your life, with all the support of the Universe. We’ll look into how you can avoid detours, flat tires and red traffic lights so that your ride is smooth and fun.


In this way, your life is no longer a complicated quest but a wonderful discovery journey. You’ll cycle (live) from the inside-out, which makes your route effortless and easy.

Join the tour of your life together with the others cheerful explorers and adventurers; you are more than welcome!



  • The 3 online stages take place via Zoom on July 5th, 14th and 23rd from 19.00 till about 20.30 and are completely attuned to the participants. Because you never know what you discover on your way,
  • The price of this Director is €198, including 21% VAT,
  • During the stages, give yourself the undisturbed and quiet time and space to optimally relax and enjoy,
  • When you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via or +31-615014782.


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