Connection, trust and joy in organizations.

Every organization is, in its’ potential, a center of happiness.

For all colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.


A center of happiness is an organization where people work together on the basis of their own qualities, intrinsic motivation and a lot of fun.

People who work here, bring out the best in themselves and each other and are valued for it.

Because of this, they achieve valuable results for everyone involved. 


This may sound complex and idealistic, but in essence, it is very simple.

The intention to create happiness makes all the difference.


Every journey begins with the 1st step

Together with my colleagues from the Centrum van Geluk, I guide organizations, step by step, in being their own centre of happiness. 

This can be done by, for example, coaching the board, leadership teams or guiding leadership and/or transformation programs.

The starting points of our work are tailor-made solutions, trust and, above all, a lot of fun! 


Do you also want to make your organization a centre of happiness? 

Get in touch to look into your wishes and opportunities. 

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