Professional development, entrepreneurship and the art of doing nothing

Dear professionals, entrepreneurs and students,

Do you also think about what you need to do for successful professional and personal
development? Courses, accreditations, management development programs, coaching,
meditation, self-care and letting go… .etc, etc. there are quite a few options and there is
something for everyone. There is also a lot to be said about “needing to”, but let’s take a look at
“doing” and especially the art of doing nothing:

I have also applied the DIY approach for many years to develop as much as possible and thus be
more successful. For example, I did a 2-year management development program, years full of
leadership and coaching accreditations, and I went hiking twice for a week in a wild park in South
Africa with a leadership journey. But I also went on a yoga retreat in an ashram in India for 3
weeks and also attended online courses in chi gong and energy work, energetic healing
techniques and vitality, to name but a few.
And with great gratitude and a smile on my face I think back to all these inner and outer
adventures; it has brought me a lot and I have learned a lot.
And… you can already feel it… it was also a lot of “doing”.

There is of course nothing wrong with that, because any form of attention for yourself gives you
new insights and possibilities.
And, as I am discovering more and more, those new insights and development (and therefore very
good results on both a personal and business level) can also be much more effortless; namely by
doing nothing. And that is perhaps the biggest (great) challenge for me as a busy bee.

From doing a lot to doing nothing
My entire upbringing and education, at home, on the tennis court, at school and university, as well
as my work, was all about learning, growing and above all doing your best and working hard to
become successful. So in my mind, “doing” was a natural part of good results. “Do nothing”…
that was actually not an option. It doesn’t lead anywhere and is a great privilege for holidays and
Sunday afternoons.

But because of a burn-out, my body was lovingly but irrevocably confronting me with the actual
result of me being busy and the fear of not getting everything out of my life and not being
From that moment on, I learn more and more every day what wonderful results “doing nothing”
brings me and that “doing nothing” gives me space to be who I am. Just like that.
That’s the best result there is! Every longterm success comes from being me.

Heal my consciousness
One of the things that has taught me a lot (and still does) about doing nothing is the
Consciousness Healing. This simple healing method is a wonderful gift from the universe to
develop on a personal and professional, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional level without
having to do anything. Except that you have to sit or lie on the couch, in the grass or in bed for +/-
30 minutes; really relaxing and not that easy. “Because will I get results?” “And how do I know

I pronounce the words that activate the healing and… that’s it. I don’t have to think, follow or feel
anything, I can just, simply do nothing while energetically receiving everything I need at that
moment to be able to flourish. In all simplicity, that is a very nice experience.
In the day(s) after, new insights come to me about myself or situations with customers, for
After the healing I drink one glass of water and carry on with the day (or night). It’s that simple. If I
allow myself to let this process unfold. And practice makes perfect!
The trick is not to be concerned with the result at all. That is the beautiful exercise that gives me
more and more insights about achieving more by doing nothing. The art of doing nothing gives me
the space to receive the insights and let the energy, people and solutions come to me. If I look for
the insights or want to manage the energy or solution (because I want to solve that situation at
company X anyway) then I get in the way and only postpone the insights and solutions. So just
doing nothing is the solution; very simply and confidently receive what I need at the right time.
There are of course many ways to do nothing. Which have you elevated to an art?


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