Wilderness Leadership Trail

“The program of the Foundation for Natural Leadership is one of the most profound tools for transformation that I have experienced in my career”
Herman Wijffels  


In this special program you go on a journey, both literally anfiguratively. The first journey, you make under the professional guidance of wilderness guides and facilitators in a nature reserve. Here, you live in the midst of nature without human infrastructure (running water, sanitation, accommodation, roads, electricity, etc.) and more importantly, without “time”.

The journey that you thereby make figuratively, is the journey inside yourself. By walking in silence, you connect with the nature and the animals around you on a fundamental level as well as with your own nature. For every participant, this process brings about profound and meaningful transformation.


The goals of this program are twofold:

  • Developing leadership for the 21st century; the type of leadership that is necessary to make our communities socially and ecologically sustainable and to make sure that employees and organisations can achieve their full potential.
  • Creating the awareness that nature and humanity are deeply connected.











Wilderness Leadership Trail (pdf)