The Energy Kickstart

This is a daily energy transmission of your personal, unique energy frequency. The EKS connects you to your inner strength, wisdom, talents and your unconditional love, to let you be nourished and charged by it. The only thing that you need to do, is to allow yourself 5 to 10 minutes today to receive the energy. Nothing more, just receive…. and enjoy, relax, be empowered to kickstart your day and all activities in it.

Working with the energy frequencies of the world and our bodies, is the most effortless way of working that I know. It’s our 1st nature; we are all energetic beings in an energetic world and we can use this energy to get into a “flow” or in “the zone”. Most of us already use energy in some way,; we know it as intuition, synchronicity or gut feeling. 

Don’t you feel better, make better decisions and enjoy more of what you do when you apply these?

My wish for the world is that we start working and living “in the zone or flow” and thereby work and live from love instead of fear as this is the essence of who we are. How much easier, enjoyable and purposeful would our work be? Would your life be? So let’s start today: