ODC Assessment

The Odin Development Compass (ODC) helps professionals and teams to be successful, based on their authentic strengths and developing potential. It gives profound insight in someone’s natural talents, qualities and pitfalls and potential for development.  These in turn can give the professionals themselves, their managers and HR professionals valuable information about career, personal and professional development.ODC Assessment

Assessment possibilities

The ODC Assessment can be applied throughout the HR cycle:

  • Recruitment: Gives clear insight if a professional suits the job profile
  • Personal and Professional Development: gives clear information about learning potentials and strengths and weaknesses and someone’s progress in this development. Both available for teams and individuals.
  • Sustainable employability: gives valuable personal indicators and behavioural solutions for stress management
  • 360 degree feedback: Allows colleagues to give feedback on specific competencies that are part of someone’s PDP.


The advantages of the ODC Assessment

•A unique validated assessment based on archetypes

•Takes only 15 minutes to fill out online

•A extensive personal feedback session with a certified coach

•Insight in talents, drivers and learned behaviour

•Fast and profound understanding of the functioning of teams and individuals


For more information about the assessment, please contact us.