Higher Education

“This is by far the best thing that I learned at university!!”

-Student at University College Utrecht-

The Personal Leadership Experience for Students

Learning how to choose and create value

During our education we learn new knowledge on interesting topics but we do not learn how to take the lead in our own lives and how to be our best. In The Personal Leadership Experience for higher education students learn what their authentic source of motivation is and to understand how they can create sustainable value for themselves and others and to become the leaders of the future in their own field of interest.

 The sky is the limit

Developing Personal Leadership is important since many students have broad international degrees; They can choose from a wide variety of study and work options; the sky is the limit. These students have very high expectations about their lives and careers and experience a need for certainty and confidence in their decisions. But if your options are extensive, what do you do and how do you know if that choice is the best one for you?

The Personal Leadership Experience teaches these students to develop confidence in their authentic decision making ability and how to take the lead in a successful and fulfilling life

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